Guarantee a Reliable Rollout of Your Azure Deployment Manager Resources Using Wavefront

With the Wavefront Integration for ADM, you are assured of safe and reliable staged roll-outs every single time. The real-time nature of Wavefront monitoring ensures the health of your services and reduces the scale of impact during deployments.

Detailed instructions and set up steps can be found here; then start your free trial and try it out yourself.

Visualize, query, and alert over data from across your entire stack (infrastructure, network, custom app metrics, business KPIs, etc.) 

  • Massive scale built for the enterprise
  • Ask questions and get instant insights to quickly diagnose and fix application and operational issues
  • Create smart alerts to alert on things that matter
  • Enable better collaboration between Dev and Ops teams since they can see data and get insights from one single platform


Wavefront is at the heart of the top cloud applications


Explore key capabilities of Wavefront by watching a series of short videos


Before Wavefront, we would have no clue about what was going on. Now we can fix software bugs and validate that the changes had exactly the effects we intended.

John Beatty,
Clover cofounder and President of Engineering

“Wavefront gives us very quick insights and the best query language to explore and understand our data. Since we rely on data and metrics to make decisions, Wavefront is an essential and indispensable part of our day-to-day operations.”

Pierre-Alexandre Masse,
Engineering Director at Box

Unify microservices monitoring with VMs, containers, and cloud services. 

Dashboard everything and isolate anomalies to root-causes instantly. Track cloud resource usage – LOWER YOUR CLOUD BILL.

Correlate Application to Cloud Service Platform

Diagnose & Fix Issues Fast

Alert When it Matters

Get immediate answers to all your questions like: Which clusters of machines are behaving differently from the rest? using Wavefront's query engine.

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Wavefront is the ultimate metrics monitoring service for cloud and modern application environments. Its observability and analytics tools enable DevOps functions at SaaS companies where power, scale, performance, and reliability are essential to their business.


Palo Alto, CA


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Correlation Function

This demo covers an example of one of Wavefront’s more powerful analytics, the correlation function, to quickly find all the network switches among hundreds causing a major degradation. (Duration 2:46)

Full Resolution Data

This demo shows one of the amazing things about Wavefront: not only can it quickly take millions of data points coming in, it can also fast query and visualize millions of points coming back out. (Duration 2:09)

Prevent False Alarms

This demo covers an example of how to prevent morale-killing, false alarms, by using Wavefront’s powerful analytics functions that can be turned into intelligent alerts. (Duration 2:05)


Easily create highly intelligent alerts based on any query, composite metrics, and dynamic baselines that notify you only when it matters.