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Wavefront by VMware provides enterprise metrics monitoring and analytics in a cloud hosted platform, processing metrics and logs from applications, cloud services, infrastructure, 3rd party tools, and open source collectors.

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Whats in the Guide?

Containers help you to move faster with application innovation. But they also create monitoring complexity due to their short lifespan, highly dynamic nature, and lean functionality. 

Read this eBook to get best practices for container monitoring. You will also discover Wavefront's out-of-the-box monitoring suite for Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, and more. Finally, find out how Wavefront customers monitor their containerized applications in production.

It’s very powerful to have all container, microservices and business metrics in Wavefront. We can see in real-time that our business systems and infrastructure are running as expected.

Mark Riegal
Development Manager

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Container Monitoring at Scale
A Guide to Metrics-Driven Analytics for Containerized Applications

What you will learn:

Why metrics-driven analytics is best for monitoring containers

Key container metrics to monitor

How to monitor Kubernetes & AWS ECS with Wavefront

Hyper-scale visibility: using histogram metrics for container analytics

Unified visibility: monitoring containers and what's running inside

Real-world case studies: FashionID & Mixpanel

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