Guide to Code Instrumentation

Cloud-native apps are becoming more complex with the use of containers. Learn about code instrumentation and how you can ensure the health of your cloud environment with a metrics-based monitoring platform.


The Wavefront Enterprise Observability Platform delivers true enterprise-ready and enterprise-scalable observability, combining insights from metrics, traces, histograms and span logs. Wavefront is used by DevOps, Dev and Ops teams to proactively alert, rapidly troubleshoot and optimize performance of their modern applications running on the enterprise multi-cloud.


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Insights from Real-World Practitioners

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What You Will Learn

How a digital trading company improved microservices performance with Wavefront

In distributed cloud applications, there can be many points of failures stemming from frequent application code changes to the faulty interactions between application components. Application code instrumentation coupled with the Wavefront cloud-native monitoring platform is one of the best approaches for developers and SREs to get both critical insights into how distributed applications perform in production or throughout the DevOps lifecycle.

This eBook covers the what, why, and how for instrumenting application code with metrics.

  • What it means to instrument application code with metrics, what the key application metrics are and which popular open source metric libraries you can use.
  • Instrumenting applications across different environments: containerized, mobile-to-cloud and serverless.
  • Wavefront's solutions for instrumenting applications with real-world customer cases.

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